Best Hoverboard for Kids 2018-Review and Buying Guide

If you ask us, the best hoverboard for kids should be cheap, reliable, and safe. It should have a strong motor, reliable electronics, and long battery life. It should also be durable, so that your children can enjoy their hoverboard for a long time. It turns out that most hoverboards are pretty similar. We’ll delve into this topic in more depth later on, but the gist is that there’s not a lot of variation from one hoverboard to the next, at least as far as performance goes. This means that most hoverboards have similar battery life, motors, shapes, and sizes. Because of this, we focused more on cost, customer support, durability, and brand longevity. If all of the products are similar, we want to recommend a product backed by a stand-up company with plenty of positive history. Our top pick, the SWAGTRON T1, was the first hoverboard to be certified as safe by UL. It’s remained a market leader ever since then, no doubt due to its low price and solid reliability.


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Best Hoverboard for kids Comparison Table


Product Name

Product Information



Weight: 23 lbs

Range/Charge:7+ Mile


Weight: 19.18 lbs

Range/Charge:8+ Mile

Range/Charge:6.2 mile

Weight: about 10 lbs


Speed: 7 Mph

Weight: 18.9 lbs


Weight: 32 lbs

Range/Charge: 12 Mile


SWAGTRON T1 - Electric Self-Balancing Scooter

The SWAGTRON T1 is the gold standard by which other hoverboards are judged. It was the first hoverboard to pass certification after the CPSC cracked down on unsafe products. Since then, it’s been a constant top seller. If you see a hoverboard out on the street, there’s a pretty good chance it’s a SWAGTRON T1.

Things get a little bit more complicated when you start to actually compare this board to other boards. Most hoverboards are manufacturedin the same city in China. Inside this city, hoverboard factories will sellparts, designs, and complete hoverboards to each other across brand lines. Even if you’re buying a hoverboard from a reputable company like SWAGTRON or Razor,you’re still getting a hoverboard made by these Chinese factories.

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The result of this is that there’s not a lot of difference between the boards themselves. Companies will do a little bit of detailing to make their boards look different – they’ll put on hubcaps, add lights and otheraccents, and paint the boards different colors – but the internals are all pretty much the same. This means that when we say that the SWAGTRON T1 is the “goldstandard,” what we really mean is that it has very similar guts to almost any hoverboard you’ll find on the modern market. Luckily for you, these common parts are exactly what you want.

Let’s talk numbers. The SWAGTRON T1 has a top speed of 8 miles an hour, a range of 11 miles, and can carry a rider who weighs between 44 and 220 lbs. The package weighs 28 lbs. Most of this weight is the hoverboard itself. This means that carrying the hoverboard is not unlike carrying two full milk jugs taped to the ends of a baseball bat. You can pick it up with one handif you want, but it’s not light enough to spin around on your fingertips.


This means that while the T1 is one of the best hoverboards for a 10-year old, it’s not very suitable for most children under 7 or 8 year old. They simply won’t have the body mass necessary to control the device. We think it beats out a specialized children’s board for a number of reasons, most importantly the fact that your kids can grow into it (indefinitely, as they’ll be able to ride it as adults), and the fact that you can ride it too. When your kids want to teach you how to do a cool trick, you can simply step right onto the board and learn from them.


The board itself is rugged, sturdy, and solid. The wheels are large and grippy. They’re not made for off-roading, but they can handle rougher sidewalks, bits of gravel, and other obstacles with ease. You and your kids will definitely scuff the heck out of the smooth paint job as your ride it, but that should be expected. Your hoverboard will hold up just fine. Is it hard to ride? Not really. Again, most hoverboards have pretty similar performance. You’re not going to notice a huge difference between this riding board and riding our other two suggestions, or even models from

other brands. Most people compare learning to ride a hoverboard with learning to ride a bike. Unlike riding a bike, however, your hands are totally free while you ride a hoverboard. This means you can avoid beginner falls by simply using railings, walls, countertops, or other handholds to keep your balance.

 As far as amenities and extra features go, the T1 is pretty well equipped. It’s got LED headlights, a battery indicator light, and a circuit that brings the board to a gradual, safe stop should you run out of batteries. Of these features, the battery level indicator is probably the most useful. While your kids probably won’t travel a full 11 miles in a singlesession, having a visible indicator of how much power the board has left is pretty darn handy.

 One notable addition to the SWAGTRON T1 is a fireproof aluminum battery case. While the board itself is very safe (it’s passed 19 UL-tests to earn its place at the top), the manufacturers have added this extra safety feature to alleviate all possible fire concerns. With the battery sealed

in a fireproof box, you’ve got nothing to worry about.



Like several other hoverboards, the T1 features a “learning mode” that’s supposed to make learning how to use this board easier. We’re somewhat skeptical of these in general. They’ll make you (or your kids) fall a bit less, sure, but you’re not really practicing the same skills with learning mode engaged. Once you turn learning mode off you’ll have to re-learn how far you have to lean and how fast you can go. That said, the feature is purely optional, so you can simply turn it off if you don’t like it.



All of this is pretty good so far. What really makes the SWAGTRON T1 the best hoverboard to buy is the price. It’s remarkably affordable. While it’s not the absolute cheapest hoverboard on the market, the T1 tends to be on the lower end of hoverboard prices. This means you get great

quality from a reputable brand at a pretty cheap price. So: is the SWAGTRON T1 the best hoverboard for kids? We think so. It’s got a similar set of core features to most other options on the market, but it’s also been around for the longest. This means that you know for sure it’s built to last – you can find lots of happy T1 owners still riding around on their original hoverboards. It’s also fantastically affordable.

Finally, well-chosen amenities and carefully designed safety features mean that you get a wonderfully complete package.

Razor Hovertrax 2.0 Hoverboard Self-Balancing Smart Scooter


The Razor Hovertrax is incredibly similar to the SWAGTRON T1. We talked about how hoverboards are pretty similar earlier, and this is a good chance to see what those similarities look like. Let’s compare some of the specifications of the Hovertrax with the T1 and see how things shape up: Both have a top speed of 8 miles per hour. Both have a max weight of 220 lbs Both have a 36 volt Lithium Ion battery Both run for about the same time between charges, with an effective range of about 11 miles.

 Both have similar shipping weights (24 and 28 lbs) Finally, both cost about the same amount of money. Overall, they’re very similar products. Other features are similar but not identical. The Hovertrax has LED headlights and a battery indicator light, just like the SWAGTRON T1. It’s also got a learning mode that’s supposed to help out with your first few rides. Again, we don’t think that this mode is particularly helpful, but you can always turn it off if you agree with us. Additionally, they both have rubber bumpers that help keep your walls and cupboards safe should someone choose to ride their hoverboard around indoors.


There are a few differences between the boards, however. First, the Hovertrax behaves differently than other hoverboards when you turn it on. Most hoverboards won’t start balancing themselves until you step on them. The Hovertrax will immediately snap to an upright position as soon as you press the on button. This makes mounting and dismounting a slightly different process. As a new owner, you’ll quickly notice that the Hovertrax gets quite cranky and makes an annoying beeping noise when you leave it on and unattended.


Another important difference is that the Razor Hovertrax and the Swagtron T1 are produced by two different companies. This might seem pretty obvious (and it is), but it’s worth noting that Razor is a well-respected manufacturer of scooters, motor scooters, and bicycles. They’ve had many years (since 2001 or so) to smooth out any kinks in their customer service. When the CSPA decided that the old, unregulated hoverboards were a fire hazard, Razor reached out and helped get all of its customers free replacements.

 So if these products are so similar and Razor has such good customer service, why do we think that the T1 is still the best hoverboard for an 8-year-old? It comes down to how we value different factors. For us, having a proven track record of durability and reliability is slightly better than having great customer support. We’d rather have a flawless, sturdy hoverboard that doesn’t require calls to customer service at all. This isn’t to say that the Razor isn’t excellent, but rather that the T1 has a longer history.


Don’t get us wrong, the Hovertrax 2.0 is a perfectly good competitor. We just think that it’s very, very slightly worse. If the Hovertrax is on sale, if you like the design more, or if you think you’d rather haveRazor’s excellent customer service backing you up if something does go wrong, you should absolutely choose the Hovertrax over the T1.

Hoverboard Two-Wheel Self Balancing Electric Scooter 6.5

As you might have guessed, this Hoverheart board is quite similar to the other two picks above. It’s got similar top speed, similar range, a similar weight limit, and a very similar form factor. There are a few more differences that distinguish this product, however, so there are more factors that can influence your decision to choose or not choose it.

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First, and perhaps most importantly, it’s quite a bit less expensive. While the T1 and the Hoverheart are quite similar in price, the Hoverheart is noticeably lower. This makes it a better choice if you’re trying to save money.

This price reduction comes with a downside. While all threeof these hoverboards may very well be made at the same factory in China, both SWAGTRON and Razor have excellent quality control. This means that most of the low-quality hoverboards are spotted and removed from circulation well before they arrive at your door.

Hoverheart has a less than stellar track record when it comes to quality assurance. Most of the time, this isn’t an issue. You usually get a perfectly fine hoverboard that’s very, very comparable to the other two options. Some of the time, however, you’ll get something that’s obviously damaged and not fit for use.

You have a bit of recourse should this happen, butHoverheart’s customer service is nowhere near as good as Razor’s or SWAGTRON’s.This means you’ll have to pay expensive shipping fees to send the defective unit back. The whole process can be quite the headache, or so we hear.

We wish this wasn’t the case. The Hoverheart has a few other features that help distinguish it, including LED flashing lights and a Bluetooth speaker. This lets your kids play their favorite songs while they cruise around the neighborhood in style. With a bit of creativity, they can even play car noises and pretend they’re a driver at the track or a big tractor on the highway. If Hoverheart was a bit more reliable, these fun additions might make it the best hoverboard for kids. As it stands, it’s simply one of the top picks.

 As far as numbers go, the Hoverheart has the same core specs as the other two models. It’s about 25 lbs, it’s got a fireproof Lithium Ion battery with a couple hours of run time, and it has a top speed of about 8 miles an hour. Like the other two models, the wheels are 6.5” in diameter and have thick rubber tread that works excellently on sidewalks, asphalt, and gravel. In other words, riding on this hoverboard will feel very similar. Until you turn on the LED lights and the Bluetooth speaker, of course.

To summarize: the Hoverheart Hoverboard is a solid choice if you’re trying to save money, as it’s quite a bit cheaper and is very comparable to the other models. It’s also a bit more fun for your kids to ride around on due to some colorful design choices, the inclusion of bright wheel LEDs, and a built-in Bluetooth speaker. Unfortunately, Hoverheart’s quality control is not the best. This means that there’s a small but nontrivial chance that you wind up with a hoverboard that doesn’t work. If you’re willing to take that risk, choosing this board can save you quite a few bucks. If not, go with one of the more expensive options above.


The SWAGTRON T5 is newer than the industry standard T1. While it’s geared towards a younger, smaller audience, there aren’t really many practical differences between this and the venerable SWAGTRON T1. The T5 has a slightly lower weight limit, a slightly lower top speed, and is otherwise almost identical to the best hoverboard for kids. With a slightly lower price tag, the T5 is a great pick for families on a budget.

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Like the SWAGTRON T1, the T5 is a safe, effective hoverboard. It’s fully UL certified and features advanced technology designed to ensure that the rider stays safe in the event
of any mechanical mishap.We mentioned earlier that the T5 has a slightly lower top speed and weight limit. It can go up to 7 mph (as opposed to the T1’s 8) and can support riders of up to 187 lbs (as opposed to the T1’s 220). This means that for most teenagers and many adults there’s not a big difference between the two. That said, the T5 is oftena little bit cheaper. It’s also slightly lighter, weighing in at 18 lbs instead of 22. This means it’s easier to carry around town.

All of the SWAGTRON hoverboards feature a “learner” riding mode, and the T5 is no exception. We think that most riders can safely skip this feature as long as they start off riding in a safe environment. You’re free to try it out if you’d like and see for yourself how it works!

The slightly smaller T5 also has slightly less range than the T1. You can expect to get about 7 miles on a single charge with the SWAGTRON T5. This is perhaps the biggest difference between the T1 and the T5,as the T1 can go up to 12 miles on a single charge.


  • Cheaper – Usually slightly less expensive than the SWAGTRON T1
  • Proven Design – While it’s a newer model, this SWAGTRON still benefits from the design experience of the industry leader
  • UL Certified – An advanced battery shield ensures that you’ll stay safe in the event of any electrical mishap
  • Lighter – The smaller motor and smaller battery make the T5 easier to carry than the competition
  • Perfect For Smaller Riders – As long as you’re under the slightly lower max weight, you’ll have plenty of fun with this hoverboard


  • Smaller Max Weight – As your kids become teenagers, there’s a chance they’ll exceed the weight limit on this hoverboard
  • Shorter Range – Smaller battery means less runtime, whichmeans less outdoor fun

Overall, the Swagtron T5 is a solid choice for fit families looking to save money on their hoverboard. It’s a smaller, less powerful version of the industry leading T1. The few practical differences include a lower weight limit, however, so if you think your kids will weigh more than 185 in the near future (they might be football players!) you should probably go with a bigger board.

Swagtron T6 Off-Road Hoverboard

While the other two Swagtron products are fairly similar, the T6 brings something totally new to the table. It’s a fantastically rugged beast that can support a rider of up to 380 lbs. Off-road tires can conquer dirt, gravel, and rocks with ease, and it’s got a beefy top speed of 12 mph. On
top of that, it comes with a Bluetooth speaker built-in to play your favorite music.

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The most striking difference between the T6 and other hoverboards is the size. While most other boards have 7” wheels, the SWAGTRON T6 has massive 10” rubber tires. This makes it perfect for exploring off the paved path. It also helps contribute to a smoother ride on more conventional
surfaces.When you step onto the T6, however, you’ll quickly notice its power. Other hoverboards tend to top out at around 8 mph. The T6 has a gigantic motor that can propel an adult roughly 50% faster, up to 12 mph. This feels like a pretty big difference when you’re cruising along. You can still sprint faster than this, but running doesn’t feel quite the same as being propelled along by the massive T6.In order to contain this power, the T6 has to be big. It weighs a bit more than 30 lbs, which is noticeably heavier than your typical hoverboard. You can still carry it around, however, especially in light of the handy carrying handles built into the board itself.

The rugged design of the T6 makes it perfect for heavier riders or people who carry cargo. Even if your teen only weighs 140, a backpack full of books might put him or her above the weight limit of the T5 above. With the T6, cargo isn’t a problem, even for riders who weigh a bit more. You’ve got a full 420 lbs of weight to work with.

SWAGTRON has helpfully included a Bluetooth speaker with this board to allow your kids to blast music while they explore. They’ll loveplaying their favorite tunes while they ride.


  • High Top Speed – Powerful motor can get you places fast and enhances the fun
  • Rugged Off-Road Capabilities – Sidewalk cracks, dirt paths, and even the backyard won’t be an obstacle for this behemoth
  • Very High Weight Limit – Perfect for heavier riders or riders with cargo
  • Built In Bluetooth Speaker – Listen to tunes while you ride
  • 12 Mile Range – Useful as a transportation tool, especially if there’s unpaved paths involved


  • Heavy – Weighs almost 50% more than some competing model
  • Expensive – All of this power comes at a price, literally

There’s no beating the T6 as far as off-road exploration, smooth riding at high speeds or support for heavier riders and cargo is concerned. The only two downsides are the weight and the price. If you don’t think that your kids will carry their hoverboard around a lot and you’ve got room in your budget for the T6, it’s probably the best choice on the market. Ifyou know they’ll carry their boards around while they walk frequently or you’re on a tight budget, you should probably choose one of the lighter, cheaper models above. If you're on the fence, think about where your hoverboard will be ridden. If there are lots of opportunities for offroading, the T6 is a clear winner. Otherwise, you're free to save some money for now and get a cheaper board.

Accessories You Should Get For Your Child


Hoverboarding is quite comparable to rollerblading, riding a scooter, or bicycling in terms of safety. Your child will be traveling at moderate speeds over a hard surface while balancing on a vehicle. This means there are plenty of opportunities for injury.

Buy A Helmet

 The first (and most important) piece of safety equipment you should invest in is a helmet. If your kid has a bike helmet (and they probably do), they can simply use that. Otherwise, pick up a comfortable bike helmet that your kid is willing to wear. A bit of cooperation between you and your child works wonders here: if they think that one style of helmet looks cool and another looks dumb, get the one that they like. The most important part is that they actually wear the helmet, especially when you’re not looking.Helmets are designed to absorb the impact from falls to keep your child’s head safe. When they do their job, they sustain serious internal damage that prevents them from acting as effective safety equipment in the future. Make sure you inspect your child’s helmet regularly and replace it after any serious falls. This applies to helmets used from any activity, from riding a bicycle to driving a go-kart.

Consider Safety Pads

Most kids don’t treat hoverboarding as an extreme sport. This means you don’t need to go totally crazy with pads. There’s a bit of a learning curve at first, during which your kid will definitely fall a few times, but after they’ve gotten the hang of things they’ll probably stay upright and avoid spills almost entirely. If you’re worried about your child’s safety during this introductory period, consider getting a full set of skateboard pads. These are usually sold as a bundle that includes knee protectors, elbow protectors, and wrist protectors. They’re designed to allow an experienced rider to avoid injury by protecting the parts of the body that make contact with the ground during a fall. They won’t make falls completely painless, but they will prevent your child from skinning their hands, elbows, or knees when they lose their balance.

Get A Bag (or Backpack)

When your kid has progressed to the point where they use their hoverboard as an actual means of transportation, consider getting them a comfortable bag or backpack they can wear while they ride. This will give them the ability to carry toys back and forth to a friend’s house or take some food with them when they ride to the park. You can probably get away with re-using a school backpack here, but you can also reinforce themes of responsibility and independence by getting a separate bag

How To Choose The Best Hoverboard For Your Kid


Choosing the best hoverboard for kids isn’t easy. Why?

Because hoverboards occupy a very strange market niche. They were first introduced by a Kickstarter project, but Chinese manufacturers managed to reverse-engineer the hoverboard and beat the inventor of the device to the market. There have been a number of patent disputes since then, but they haven’t stopped the flow of Chinese hoverboards to consumers worldwide. In the beginning of 2016, this flood was briefly slowed when the CPSC introduced a new system for rating hoverboard safety. They developed a new standard for certification called “UL.” This caused nearly every oldhoverboard to be removed from the market. The newer UL-certified hoverboards that replaced them are much safer.


So what does all of this have to do with how we selected the best product? Well, after the introduction of the UL certification, almost every hoverboard has been nearly identical. They look the same, handle the same, and have the same specs. There are some minor cosmetic differences, to be sure, but they involve added lights or fancy wheel covers. The result isn’t really a different product; it’s just the same old hoverboard wearing a mask.

We’re not entirely sure why. A number of people have tried to research this phenomenon and have drawn less than conclusive conclusions. Our best guess involves Chinese factories selling the same product to different brands. Whatever the reasons are, the result is clear: every hoverboard you buy is pretty much identical.


This means that you can safely ignore any information about motor strength, battery life, size, or weight. Pretty much every hoverboard on the market measures up the same in all of these categories. Instead, you should focus on price, brand longevity, and customer service.


That’s what we focused on, anyway. All of our top picks are affordable, come from brands that have been around a while, and come backed by solid customer service. The first quality is obvious: you’ll save a bit of money and you won’t overpay. The second two ensure that you’re not going to spend a lot of cash on a product that won’t work. Companies that make shoddy products won’t stay in the market, while customer support helps you deal with the occasional lemon that escapes the Chinese factory.


So, to review: look for a UL-certified hoverboard from a brand that’s been around for a while (look for old reviews and other products) that has excellent customer service. You don’t want to get the absolute cheapest board you can find, but the extreme similarity between modern hoverboards means that you shouldn’t get the most expensive one, either. Find something in-between that fits your budget.

Hoverboard Maintenance

Hoverboards are pretty complex. They’re not like bicycles or older cars where there are a lot of parts you should care for or tinker with. Instead, they’re basically two brushless motors hooked up to an internal computer, some balance sensors, and a really big battery.

 In other words, you don’t really need to do much as far as maintenance goes. There are a couple of common sense things you should try to do, but other than that, you should simply call a professional if you suspect your hoverboard is in need of repairs.

Battery Maintenance

First, maintain the battery properly. With modern batteries, this means you should keep the hoverboard charged when it’s not in use. You should also take it off of the charger once the battery is full. Keep the hoverboard in a place that doesn’t get too hot or too cold to ensure the battery stays healthy. If you have to choose one extreme, cold is much safer than hot.

Preparing Batteries For Storage

If you’re not going to use the hoverboard for a while, most experts suggest draining the battery to about half for storage. It’s a bad idea to store a full battery or try to charge a completely dead one that’s been sitting idle for months.

Look For Trouble Signs

You should periodically inspect the device for obvious damage, loose screws, and other easily fixable issues. You’d be surprised what kinds of things kids ignore. Pay special attention to the wheels and where they connect to the board. If anything gets caught in between the wheels and the board, it can quickly get wrapped around the motor and render the hoverboard inoperable.

Let The Board Cool Off

Finally, keep an eye on the temperature of the board, the battery, and the motors. If your child has been riding the board around on a hot summer day, make sure that they let the hoverboard cool off before they start charging it. Giving the board short breaks during long riding sessions will help reduce the chances of overheating critical components.


Frequenly Ask Question (FAQ)

Question: What Is A Hoverboard, Anyway?

Answer: Hoverboards are self-balancing electric scooters. They consist of two wheels that are attached to separate motors. You control them by shifting your body weight on two platforms, one for each foot.

Question: Do All Hoverboards Have Wheels?

Answer: Yes, unfortunately. Hoverboards don’t actually hover. They require the use of normal, mundane wheels to move around. They’re still pretty cool, however. 

Question: How Big Are Hoverboards?

Answer: Hoverboards are roughly the same size as skateboards. The wheels (at the short ends of the rectangle) tend to be a bit less than 7” in diameter, while the boards themselves are slightly wider than an adult’s shoulders. The devices weigh quite a bit more than many people expect.

A hoverboard is a bit more than 20 lbs. This means you probably don’t want to carry it by hand any more than you have to.

 Question: Do I Need To Get A Child-Sized Hoverboard For My Kid?

Answer: Most of the time, the best hoverboard for a 9 year old is a regular adult hoverboard. As long as your child is more than the minimum weight (usually about 40 lbs), they’ll be totally fine on a device that’s marketed for adults. These are often a better choice than child-sized boards because they’re more powerful, cheaper, and can be shared with the whole family. Now, the best hoverboard for a baby? That’s a totally different question. If your kid weighs less than 40 lbs, you’ll definitely want to get a special board. Bear in mind that riding a hoverboard takes a lot of fine muscle control. If your kid is too young to ride a skateboard, he or she is probably too young to hoverboard. Consider getting a baby jumper or another toy designed for smaller children instead.

Question: Are Hoverboards Dangerous?

Answer: Hoverboards can get up to around 8 miles an hour, which is about as fast as you can run. This means that falling from a hoverboard is about as dangerous as tripping while you’re out jogging. It’s a good idea to wear a helmet and make sure that your children are wary of dangers like cars, uneven terrain, and obstacles. The boards themselves are quite safe these days. Early hoverboards had a nasty tendency to catch fire due to a distinct lack of regulation. Modern UL-certified hoverboards are totally safe, however.

Question: How Fast Can Hoverboards Go?

Answer: Most hoverboards can go up to 8 miles an hour. This speed will change a little bit based on the weight of the rider, whether the hoverboard is going up or downhill, and the exact brand and model you choose to purchase. Adult hoverboard riders tend to keep their speeds under 5 miles an hour. This is because there isn’t anything to hold on to. The sensation of speed is quite intense, meaning you won’t probably won’t want to zip around as fast as you can at all times. Children can be a bit more inquisitive, but the hoverboard itself won’t go faster than a brisk jog. In other words, if you have two adolescent kids and one hoverboard, you could let them race. The one who’s not on the hoverboard would probably win over short distances.

Question: How Far Can Hoverboards Go?

Answer: You can travel for up to 12 miles on a fully charged hoverboard. Again, this depends on rider weight and hills as well as other factors. They’re not the best long-distance travel device, but you can bring home a couple of bags of groceries on your hoverboard if you wanted to. Now, could you send your kids to school on a hoverboard? It might not be the best idea. Hoverboards are pretty big, so they’re awkward to store during the day. They might not even be allowed at your child’s school or your city’s sidewalks. If your kids want to ride to school on a hoverboard, you should contact a trusted adult at the school and make sure that the school is okay with this idea.

Question: Are Hoverboards Legal?

Answer: There are a lot of places in the United States (and around the world) where hoverboards are illegal to ride. In general, if you can ride a skateboard somewhere, you can probably ride a hoverboard there, too. This means that hoverboards are frowned upon in most malls, schools, and public transit hubs. They are, however, welcome on most college campuses. Now, does this mean that you shouldn’t get a hoverboard for your kids? No. Your children can’t ride their bicycles or skateboards in most of these places, either. Your children will still get plenty of use out of their hoverboards.

Question: What’s The Difference Between A Segway And A Hoverboard?

Answer: Segways are upright scooters that are steered with your body weight. While they’re not entirely unlike hoverboards, they have handlebars that you hold onto and use to steer. Hoverboards, on the other hand, have separate controls for each foot. Most people think of Segways as more serious people movers. They’re used by police forces, couriers, and other professionals. Hoverboards, on the other hand, are more like toys. If hoverboards are like skateboards, Segways are like bicycles. You might see a young adult ride a skateboard to the store occasionally, but you’ll almost never see one in a professional environment.

Question: What’s The Best Segway Board For Kids?

Answer: The best Segway for kids is a kind of odd hybrid between a hoverboard and a traditional Segway. Instead of having full handlebars that you hold with your hands, this Segway board has a small control stick you manipulate with your shins. Like the full sized Segways, it’s more geared towards working adults than inquisitive children. It’s probably a better idea to get your kids a cheaper hoverboard-style self-balancing board.


Final Verdict

We’ve scoured the internet far and wide to try to find the best hoverboard for kids. As far as we can tell, the SWAGTRON T1 claims that title, but only by a hair’s breadth. It’s affordable, reliable, powerful, and durable, which is everything you want in a hoverboard. If you want another option, however, the Razor Hovertrax is nearly identical in just about every way. We think that Razor’s customer service is just a bit better than SWAGTRON’s,but we’re more impressed with the stellar track record that SWAGTRON has established with the T1. If you want a third option, you can save a bit of money by purchasing the Hoverheart Hoverboard. It’s a fair bit cheaper and has a couple of neat, fun features that your kids will love. The only downside comes in the form of Hoverheart’s lackluster customer service. Hoverboards are a great way to get your kids active and outside. You can use a hoverboard to teach your children about independence, planning, and navigation. We think that the three products mentioned above are the best hoverboards you can choose for your child, whether that child is 8, 9,or 10.