Graco doorway BumperJumper Review

As a mom of a curious and mobile baby, your utmost goal is to always keep her entertained in one place. Otherwise, you’d never get anything done. The Graco doorway Baby Jumper is a classic tool for this. Graco mounts to the doorway and allows your little one to play, jump and strengthen her cores and legs—while you get your things done.


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Watch as your baby jumps in excitement with the Graco Bumper Jumper in the bizarre Jungle pattern. Graco features a sturdy clamp attached to your doorway with a soft, all-around bumper to prevent marking. Attached to the adjustable play rings are Two soft toys for your baby’s entertainment. Once playtime is over, remove your baby as the plastic dome separates the straps. Dad and Mom will love the detachable, machine-washable seat pad for easy cleanups. With varieties of Graco doorway baby jumpers reviews available, what is there to believe? Read on as we’ll tell you every little piece you must know about this incredible jumper.


  • Washable Seat Pad
  • Hidden Safety Cord
  • Mark Free Door Clamp
  • Easily Attachable
  • Well adjustable Doorway Baby Bouncer
  • In-Built Toy Tray
  • Fun and interactive Play Toys


The Graco jumpers are constructed with safety and user-friendly features that make it highly demanded among doorway baby bouncers. Check out some exclusive features to consider before purchasing any baby jumper:

Weight limit

Baby jumpers come with a weight limit that may vary from brand to brand. Make sure you choose the jumper that best fits your baby’s weight. Make sure you follow these weight limits to avoid baby jumper breaking and injuring your little one.


Seats may vary depending on jumper, here are some features to consider:

  • Suspender
  • Detachable and washable seats
  • Seats lined with smart padding for
  • Comfort


An adjustable baby jumper will let your baby stay comfortable as he grows.


A baby jumper is not an item you continuously use. You will have to keep them when he is not using them. If your house is short on space, then go for a disassembled jumper for easy storage. The Graco doorway Baby Jumper is one.


The best baby jumpers are accompanied with varieties of fun toys to keep him entertained. Some toys are electronic with flashing lights and sounds while others makes funny sounds as they move. Choose a jumper with toys that he already enjoys playing with. This will make sure your baby doesn’t get tired of playing. You can always get that with the Graco doorway Baby Jumper.



  • Budget friendly
  • Comes with Detachable and washable seats
  • Can be easily Attached to the door frame
  • Comes with the best bumper that protects the door frame


  • Requires more safety precaution, but, it is manageable.
  • Can cause inconvenience of movement to the room where it’s attached.

Final Verdict

Finally, Baby Jumper is the perfect choice for hyper kids to burn the excess energy during the day for a sweet sound night rest. Nothing feels better than watching your

“little you” light up with pleasure as he plays with his favorite toys. Now, it’s crystal clear that the Graco doorway Bumper Jumper is the best door jumper in the market today. For only a few dollars, you’ll have a doorway baby bouncer that keeps your kid safe and occupied in joy. Won’t your baby love to have one?