Jolly Jumper With Super Stand Review 2018

Providing physical fitness and fun for babies since 1948 with the “Original Baby Exerciser”, Jolly Jumper wows us again with the Jolly Jumper the Original with Super Stand! Bringing the best of every baby jumper that came before it, this Jolly Jumper with stand is the absolute  baby jumper money can buy.


Your baby will love jumping around in his Jolly Jumper while you rest easy knowing your child is safe while he plays. But wait, there’s more! Jolly Jumper with stand also helps your baby get some much needed exercise. This is because the Jolly Jumper promotes better balance, rhythm, and coordination, as well as stronger muscles and bones for your baby.

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The Jolly Jumper is truly a step above other baby exercises. Unlike other products, it’s fully standalone, so you can set it up anywhere. It’s also not made in China. You can really feel the quality workmanship, which is super important for any device you plan on using with your precious child. When combined with the proven benefits of baby exercise, purchasing the Jolly Jumper becomes a no-brainer. It’s a fantastic product to buy.


Designed for babies at least 3 months old, the Jolly Jumper comes with a sturdy spring action for more bounce and more fun. It also comes with a special saddle seat designed to support your baby’s spine to maintain a proper upright posture even during intense exercise.

The Jolly Jumper The Original with Super Stand comes with a sturdy, extra tall frame that can fold flat for portability and storage. Created with easy installation in mind, it does not require any tools to assemble or disassemble. In addition, assembly and disassembly takes an average of only 10 minutes. That being said, the stand rises to 6 feet tall, has a floor footprint of 42 by 43 inches, and has a maximum weight of 13 kg or 28 lbs.

The Jolly Jumper has a standalone design that does NOT need to be placed at a doorway! Because of this, it is designed for both indoor and outdoor use. Also, it’s even safer than doorway versions, because it can be placed in a safe place away from places where people or pets need to pass by.


Fun: Babies love playing in the Jumper, especially when it’s placed in a fun spot!

Durable: The sturdy construction and robust, safe materials in the Jumper ensure that it will last long enough that you can use it with your next child, too.

Stable: The large footprint and sturdy frame of the Jumper help keep it stable and secure while your baby plays. You won’t have to worry about tips or falls!

Safe:  Your baby’s safety is the Jolly Jumper’s first priority. Everything about it is designed to keep him or her safe.


Large: The Jolly Jumper with Stand is a bit bigger than portable versions. While you can take it outside and place it far away from doorways, it takes up more space overall.

Harness: It might take some getting used to when getting your baby in and out of the harness



Jolly Jumper Exerciser with Door Clamp

This jumper offers many of the same benefits that the Jumper with Stand does. The big difference? Rather than coming with a robust steel frame, you have to clamp it onto a doorway in your house. This puts your baby directly in the way of foot traffic and dramatically limits the fun locations he or she can play in. If you’re short on space, this will do in a pinch, but the stand version is definitely the more complete product.

Fisher-price Rainforest Jamperoo

This product is more of a station for your baby to sit and play than an exerciser. In other words, it fulfills a slightly different function. The Jolly Jumper with Stand builds muscle coordination, strength, and balance, while the Jamperoo stimulates your baby with colorful toys.

Graco Doorway Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle

Like the Jolly Jumper with Door Clamp, this jumper requires a doorway to setup. This means your child will play in a limited set of locations where pets and family members are likely to walk. Unlike the Jolly Jumper branded products, however, this jumper is manufactured in China and features a slightly lower baby weight limit of 25 lbs.

What About Baby Walkers, Baby Swings, and Baby Bouncers?

The Jolly Jumper offers a unique way to let your child learn important motor skills with limited assistance. While other products, like baby walkers, baby swings, and baby bouncers can make similar claims, none of them offer the same mix of fun, exercise, and learning as the Jolly Jumper. Your child won’t just learn to walk. He or she will also learn to jump and dance.


The Jolly Jumper features two washers and wing nuts that you’ll need to remove fully when you want to assemble or disassemble it. While this process can take a bit of time, that’s pretty much it as far as maintenance goes.

Putting your child into this device will also take a little bit of practice. That’s a good thing, though. The Jolly Jumper is more secure than some competing products, meaning your baby will be safer as he or she romps around on a spring.



Question: How Tall Can My Baby Be?

Answer: The Jolly Jumper has an adjustable chain that allows it to grow with your child. You should be able to fit even the tallest children into this device when they’re 10 months old or older.

Question: What’s The Weight Limit?

Answer: The Jolly Jumper supports babies of up to 28 lbs.

Question: Where Is The Jolly Jumper Made?

Answer: The Jolly Jumper is made in Canada.


Question: How Much Does The Jolly Jumper With Stand Weigh?

Answer: The Jolly Jumper weighs about 15 lbs

Question: Is it difficult to put a baby in the Jolly Jumper Harness?

Answer: No. It can take a couple minutes (about three) to secure the harness around your baby, but the process is comfortable and easy. Afterwards, your baby will be secure!

Question: Can my baby bump into the stand while they play?

Answer:The Jolly Jumper is designed to keep your baby from running into the stand, ensuring that your child will be safe.


Its large footprint and saddle seat design are important features that make the Jolly Jumper the most stable and safe jumper money can buy. In addition, the Jolly Jumper is a steal, giving you the top child jumper for a very low price!Taking all these into consideration, we think that the Jolly Jumper The Original with SJuper Stand is a must buy for anyone who wants a happy baby.

Final Verdict

The Jolly Jumper with stand that makes solid contact with the ground. The secure harness and extra safe seat help your baby stay safe and secure while he or she learns important motor skills. This product is priced very low, too, especially considering the Canadian made durability. We think it’s a must-buy for anyone who wants to help their child work on important muscle development while having fun.